Area Sensors (Picking Sensors)

by  | 24/09/2016

General Purpose Area Sensors The BW series general purpose area sensors feature long sensing distance up to 7 m and are available in 22 different configurations based on optical pitch and detection area size. With ambient illuminance limit of 1

BW Series

* Ambient illuminance: 100,000 lux (upgraded feature)
* Long sensing distance up to 7 m
* 22 configurations (number of optics: 4 to 48 / optical pitch: 20, 40 mm / detection area: 120 to 940 mm)
* 20 mm optical pitch minimizes non-detection area (BW20-□)
* Bright LED indicators on emitter and receiver
* Mutual interference prevention function, self-diagnosis function, stable operation test
* IP65 protection structure (IEC standard)